Sunday, July 1, 2012

Clook Crazy

Well about 6 weeks ago now my parents came down to visit just as we moved to our new house.
Parents are great at helping, mum is great with cleaning, curtains and general helping out. Dad well he likes to potter and found my massive chicken coop in the 6 foot nettles!!
Well the only thing todo was to get some chickens.
However 5 has now turned into 18 and 2 ducks and loving my new hobby. They all have their own little personalities which make them a pleasure to watch. 5 hens I rescued and are loving been here and earning there keep, we've had five eggs in just a day which is great! There's going to be a lot more eggs to come, so watch out friends when my others start laying eggs will be coming your way!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Bonnets

So poor Mike spent the last week of term making Easter Bonnet for the girls for school.
I helped with the painting but all credit to mike.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My first 10k fun run

So today I ran my first 10k fun run in 1 hour 4 mins a personal best for me.
Considering I woke up feel crap and full of cold!!
So I was thinking about how far I had come from been this unfit fat person to where am I'm now, I'm not slim but I'm fitter and love that I can run, it's been a long journey and still a long way to go!
I started out at 120kg and now down to 89kg which is massive for me!
And now it's not about the weight it's about Been fit and healthy.
And the friends I've made through have thought me this.
Happy running guys!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow day

Well just a quick snow day! No sooner was it here it was gone again!

For Hamarnie it was the first time she has seen snow so we headed out for a walk. Bumping into neighbours around the village, busy chatting away and the girls playing with friends, made a quick walk into a couple of hours!
Now the snow has gone! Will we see it again?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ya gotta love grandad

If you have read any of my blogs you will know about my grandad and the journey of the search for his sister.
So grandad Went and was reunited with his sister after 70 years, I really couldn't imagine how that would feel like!
I went to surprise him at Gatwick airport, well we stood there at the international arrivals for him to come through, we waited and waited and hadn't come through, we had no idea if he was on the flight or if he was assisted or even stopped by immigration, so of to information we go! They told us not to worry just yet he could be another hour or so, so we could breathe again and not worry!
So after our long worrying wait he comes through, off I go to greet him.
Got to laugh he looked at me and said 'what was I doing here' bless him lots to explain.
But he got to meet hamarnie finally, and I got to see my grandad after 6 years. And achieved so much for him,
He got the chance to go home and say his goodbyes to his mum after going to the grave, he didn't get the chance to visit his dads, he was killed in action and very long time ago.
Anastasia ( grandad sister) still live on the same land they grew up on and met so many relatives, think it was all a bit over whelming.
So here's a few pictures of him with family and his sister. And grandad can be at peace now!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Guess it time to show my face

Well what can I say, it been a while since I blogged so I thought I'd best drop by!
So work is great and is keeping me very busy, and I love the fact that I just fitted into the village life, it's like I've always been here. My neighbours are great and the surrounding countryside is stunning.
I feel I'm back where I belong with the cows and in the country, the girls have settled and mike had made friends everyones happy!
But i am surprise I seem settled and anyone that knows me would probably say the same!
Well bye for now I'm up at 4