Friday, August 5, 2011

Well 12 days to go

Wow so this has come round fast and slow all at the same time. The house is starting to feel empty with all the tiding and sorting things out. Packing the odd suit case and ready to start a new chapter of our lives.
Grace will start school in september and hamarnie will have Kinder opps nursery, all of a sudden they are both grown up!!

the last couple of weeks has been crazy with stressing about getting work, and so very pleased to have a job which is Dairy farming and also a cheese farm, check out the site Quickes I think ill be in heaven! I have my date to move in and also to start and all this before we hit september. And I'm getting the feeling that it is all coming together nicely and just ment to be! I really didnt think i'd be moving Back to the U.K any time soon, so will i settle this time? I hope so, But the friends that really do know me, call me a roaming gypsy or free spirit, wild at heart. I tend to think t hat i go where the wind takes me, for now Devon and i really can't wait.

Picton castle


Ashburton NZ
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  1. Good luck with the move and i hope the kids settle into UK life okay. I am trying to get back down under (NZ) but hubbie isn't haven't it yet...

  2. Thanks frankie- New Zealand was awesome and would still be there now if i had my choice! but we are in aus, but my hubby was home sick and be nice for the girls to be round the grandparents


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