Thursday, June 30, 2011

So called friends

Okay yesterday (meaning weds, yes a little late i know) wasn't a great day and I learnt a harsh lesson about friends, well so called friends!!!

# Don't get sucked in by nicie nice behaviour.
# Say no to lifts even if they are passing the place on there way and its no a problem!
# Don't talk about parenting, how hard it is and how you feel.
# Don't tell them why i'm moving back to the u.k and reasons why. ( which will be in the next 6 weeks or so now fark)

Because it comes back and bites you in the arse for no reason.
And i sure to hell don't deserve the text message accusing me of using people as a Taxi service, that I'm a bad mother and need to grow up and take responsability! OH lets not forget the moving back to the U.K so that ditch the kids off to family, so I can work!

Nice friends eh?
So today is a new day (meaning thurs now) and what do I do.........

Even though it's just kinder duty!

Monday, June 27, 2011

It's the thought that counts!!

Okay so you may or may not know that we are moving back to the uk. So Removals are a must as i refuse to pack again as i hit the late 20 times on moving!!

So finally after sending out heaps of emails to removal companies companies I get a call back from Sharelle at grace removals.
As Sharelle is trying to explain the quote and how their company works. Mean while  The girls are in the back ground fighting over a balloon! (silly really i should have got 2).
So she kindly suggested calling another time that would work for me, which I thought would be best as the girls got louder and louder!
''Yes if you don't mind thanks"!!
So Sharelle said she would put an information pack in the post for me and pop in a couple of balloons so they can have one each!  AWESOME!

So a week has gone and we have had our chat, this morning we check the post box was our information pack, after fighting to get the massive thing out of the box! I open it and find there was no balloons, boooo then read the letter saying .
    I wasn't able to get balloons for the kids, but I have included 2 colouring kits with pencils to keep them occupied for a little while for you.

I like the fact she thought of me and the girls and be happy to move with Grace removals! Sharelle is awesome!!

graces work!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meeting Fellow Bloggers

Ok so Saturday night was my first bloggers get together. Couldnt help the feeling of walking into the unknown!!
Well how silly, as it turned out they we're awesome ladies! And we even got lindt chocolate hmmm.

So what happened to me?! i cant even say i was intoxicated! But i went from rock Diva to sexy diva (well thats what i thought at the time). But looking back at the pictures, theres a reason why i dont go clubbing (damn you free drink lol), but they make me laugh and i love the fact I had the Best time!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hey Nanny,

 I hope you are having a good time up there? Mum got hold of this picture from Grandad that I love and is a fav, you look amazing!!
Everyday I think about you and know you are here with me as I go crazy and not finding THAT place to settle! But I'm still trying!!

So we have another big move back to the U.K and I really wish you we're around to meet the girls as you would love them as much as I do, I know I don't always show it but I do.

I remember spending 2 weeks with you guys dueing the summer holidays of school as dad was busy Harvesting and mum at work! Loved bingo and never forget my first win lol 12 pounds and sat there with Irene. ( I was so nervous about walking up to get my winnings ) And every other sunday we'd be over for dinner! I can still smell your home made stuffing Yum!!

Well now its mums turn and I hope she enjoys the girls as much as i enjoyed my time with you!!

And it shits me that you was taken well before your time! But I remember the good ,and how much I still love you!!

Till we meet again!!
Love you

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Introducing the Flumps Family

So i discovered this family in the 80s and what an awesome family they are! to this day i still think there awesome and cant wait to get my dvd back and share with my girls!!
grandpa flump playing his flumpet

father flump

mother flump



and posie

when the chips are down the flumps cheer me up !!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

One big step into wide world!!

So I thought I'd be clever and apply for a job just before leaving school. Farming was what i wanted to do,s o farming is what i'll do.
So i happened to get this job in the shetlands which was Awesome and then found out where the Shetlands actually was! yes i no it was dumb not looking up where it was be i was excited!!
1992 back when dodgy perms and shell suits where cool!!
As it happened my parents drove me 7 hours to Aberdeen where they said there goodbyes and put me on the ferry, no tears as i was determend to be brave and Awesome. And as it turned out i balled my eyes out, thinking what the hell was i doing?! But there was no turning back!!

14 hours later I turned up at Lerwick, shetlands isles, and home for the next 2 years!
offically crazy

Add caption

christmas day 1992
looking away from  the farm

outside the front door!
didnt take me long to fall in love the islands and the people, Paul and Sarah, Drew and Vivienne! And Gluss still holds my heart! Don't know when but i will be back!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


feb 2010
So its Fathers day this Sunday, well in the U.K anyway. I just want to let you know how much i love you and you are my inspiration!!
And we are looking forward to seeing you and Mum next year

So do you ever get asked where you come from?

Ok so call me silly, but been asked where you come from, what does that mean?
Where you were born? Where you lived the longest? Or where you live now?
I often get asked well alot actually! My answer the U.K but of cause that is never enough and get the where abouts, what part !!

So lets put the record straight. I'm from a place in south yorkshire called Tickhill- yes you read right Tickhill. Out in the sticks (middle of nowhere) somewhere and this been our nearest village! I don't remember this place but think its kinda cool to come from clarkson country!!

Then we moved to Elsham Hall Country Park in South Humberside ( Now North Lincolnshire)when i was three, really its not as posh as it sounds. And this is where I spent 12yrs before leaving home.

Introducing Me

ok so here i am starting a blog!! seriously never thought that would happen!
Im from the uk and worked my way round there, and headed to the other side of the world starting in New zealand! and then Australia!! Now that I'm heading back to the uk i thought i would write about my journeys that got me here!