Friday, July 22, 2011


So you would think that it would be easy getting grandad over to the Ukraine, well know because sometime thing are not simple and are a pain in the ass!!!
So my Grandad isn't a citizen of the U.K even though he has been there well forever! He has a green card, which is permission to stay in the U.K! He doesn't have a passport British or Ukrainian, that reason is because he has no birth certificate. And if he did have or get a Ukrainian passport he wouldn't be aloud back in to the U.K!! Yay for  you if you got any of that!
 So its taken a lot of patients a lot of paperwork to get the permission and invitation to get there. What makes it so hard is that their not getting any younger and the Government really aren't keen for Ukrainians that disappeared during the war to come back, and reunite with families. Also the Russians wanting to take back the Ukraine. Geez give them a break! 

So yet again we are playing this waiting game, which is very frustrating, Grandad doesn't understand why its taking so long, also his sister doesn't understand either!
Well finally after 2 years of red tape and paperwork, Grandad got his permission and he had flights booked and was on his way! thanks to bob sopel who has made it possible is amazing!!

So Grandad is in the Ukraine at this minute spending time with his sister, and his having a ball! Saying life is good and probably full of vodka too!! I'm so pleased that he got there because for a while we didn't believe this would happen! his like a different man!
I can't wait to see some photos of them back together and i placed my order for pysanka eggs, photos etc! he gets to celebrate Her birthday in Aug and then heads back home!

So grandad doesn't know I'm coming home next month and mum and I with Hamarnie ( who he hasn't met) are going to surprise him and pick him up from the Airport heheeee! Cant wait to here all about it!
So i don't have photos yet, but here are some pictures that interest me and will enjoy learning more about my Ukrainian family.
pysanka museam


I think this belt is awesome

Thanks for reading, But can you imagen nearly 70yrs later been reunited with a sibling! Crazy!!


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