Thursday, June 23, 2011


Hey Nanny,

 I hope you are having a good time up there? Mum got hold of this picture from Grandad that I love and is a fav, you look amazing!!
Everyday I think about you and know you are here with me as I go crazy and not finding THAT place to settle! But I'm still trying!!

So we have another big move back to the U.K and I really wish you we're around to meet the girls as you would love them as much as I do, I know I don't always show it but I do.

I remember spending 2 weeks with you guys dueing the summer holidays of school as dad was busy Harvesting and mum at work! Loved bingo and never forget my first win lol 12 pounds and sat there with Irene. ( I was so nervous about walking up to get my winnings ) And every other sunday we'd be over for dinner! I can still smell your home made stuffing Yum!!

Well now its mums turn and I hope she enjoys the girls as much as i enjoyed my time with you!!

And it shits me that you was taken well before your time! But I remember the good ,and how much I still love you!!

Till we meet again!!
Love you

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  1. awww. what a beautiful post. Gorgeous photo too.


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