Monday, June 27, 2011

It's the thought that counts!!

Okay so you may or may not know that we are moving back to the uk. So Removals are a must as i refuse to pack again as i hit the late 20 times on moving!!

So finally after sending out heaps of emails to removal companies companies I get a call back from Sharelle at grace removals.
As Sharelle is trying to explain the quote and how their company works. Mean while  The girls are in the back ground fighting over a balloon! (silly really i should have got 2).
So she kindly suggested calling another time that would work for me, which I thought would be best as the girls got louder and louder!
''Yes if you don't mind thanks"!!
So Sharelle said she would put an information pack in the post for me and pop in a couple of balloons so they can have one each!  AWESOME!

So a week has gone and we have had our chat, this morning we check the post box was our information pack, after fighting to get the massive thing out of the box! I open it and find there was no balloons, boooo then read the letter saying .
    I wasn't able to get balloons for the kids, but I have included 2 colouring kits with pencils to keep them occupied for a little while for you.

I like the fact she thought of me and the girls and be happy to move with Grace removals! Sharelle is awesome!!

graces work!

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