Thursday, June 16, 2011

So do you ever get asked where you come from?

Ok so call me silly, but been asked where you come from, what does that mean?
Where you were born? Where you lived the longest? Or where you live now?
I often get asked well alot actually! My answer the U.K but of cause that is never enough and get the where abouts, what part !!

So lets put the record straight. I'm from a place in south yorkshire called Tickhill- yes you read right Tickhill. Out in the sticks (middle of nowhere) somewhere and this been our nearest village! I don't remember this place but think its kinda cool to come from clarkson country!!

Then we moved to Elsham Hall Country Park in South Humberside ( Now North Lincolnshire)when i was three, really its not as posh as it sounds. And this is where I spent 12yrs before leaving home.

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  1. I know what you mean Tina. My answer is Christchurch. The last person that asked me where I was from, I said chch and she asked if I needed a hug. It was weird, I'm not a hugger. I live in Melbourne now.
    I like the pictures you've used, it makes the places look very pretty.


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