Sunday, June 19, 2011

One big step into wide world!!

So I thought I'd be clever and apply for a job just before leaving school. Farming was what i wanted to do,s o farming is what i'll do.
So i happened to get this job in the shetlands which was Awesome and then found out where the Shetlands actually was! yes i no it was dumb not looking up where it was be i was excited!!
1992 back when dodgy perms and shell suits where cool!!
As it happened my parents drove me 7 hours to Aberdeen where they said there goodbyes and put me on the ferry, no tears as i was determend to be brave and Awesome. And as it turned out i balled my eyes out, thinking what the hell was i doing?! But there was no turning back!!

14 hours later I turned up at Lerwick, shetlands isles, and home for the next 2 years!
offically crazy

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christmas day 1992
looking away from  the farm

outside the front door!
didnt take me long to fall in love the islands and the people, Paul and Sarah, Drew and Vivienne! And Gluss still holds my heart! Don't know when but i will be back!


  1. Wow. That's a long way from home for your first job! gorgeous place though.

  2. i think thats why i fell in love with the south island in New zealand


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