Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Many years ago I remember listening to my Grandad and his stories about how he lived in the Ukraine, when he was a young boy.

He told me that when he was 14 during world war 2 by his father to runaway as far as possible bad as war was breaking out!

So off his goes with a rucksack on his back with very little and runs away in to the mountains, and into hiding!

He Leaves behind his sister who is 8 and his mum and dad, i don't think he ever thought that he'd be gone for so long!

It's hard for grandad as he doesn't always remember everything and his stories are very bitty with big gaps, bless him.

But i try and take note of important details!

He's in the mountains thinking he is safe and well hidden from the Germans,And he wakes to find that he has been captured by the Germans, they take all his belongings away from him and leaves him with 3 photos, his dad, mum and sister! So from here its ity bity ! He gets Taken to Remini Displacement camp (Italy) where he is POW for 2 years.

After 2 years they sent POW people to all different countries to work and live, well Grandad ended up in England where he was working on a farm in Linclonshire, He eventually meets Sybil (my nanny) and get married!

Grandad had no contact with his family in the Ukraine There After!!

So it's always been a touchy subject with Grandad as he tried many years ago to try and trace his sister, to see if she was alive or past on! After having no luck he things the worst, and stops searching!!

It Broke my heart to see Grandad so sad after we lost nanny to cancer ! He spends every morning at nanny's Grave and i thought, this can't be it for Grandad.

So here comes interfering Granddaughter to take on something that could be impossible....................................Until next time.

Anastasia aged 8! this is the only photo grandad had of his sister.

Petro wasyliw (vasyliv)
This is the youngest photo we have of grandad


  1. Oh I wish you luck - what an amazing quest (found you through Britmums)

  2. thankyou actually mummy! this is a whole new world im entering x! hope to see you around

  3. Ah best of luck.Wouldn't it be great if you found her. Keep us posted!


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