Thursday, July 14, 2011


Well one thing I've learnt is that i hate waiting!! Oh yes!!

So Irene ( the awesome lady from had emailed me about her and some students doing a field trip, and  they wanted to do Holyn and another little town, and maybe see if they could locate some family! or even his sister. The words she used was interrogate the locals!! Thinking that's a bit harsh, but that's there translation!
So i gave Irene all the information I had and also the old photo of Nustazia and left it to a stranger and her students to go find this person!
What have I done??
From that Day I spent every spare time I had looking on the forum and checking my emails ! Days felt like weeks I JUST WANT TO KNOW GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
A couple of months later I did receive an email from Irene but It wasn't great news, they had found relatives in  the area and of course Know one knew of Nustazia vasyliv, GUTTED!!
Irene had told me that she had left a photo of Nustazia at the local post office in Holyn and left her number in hope that someone would recognise her or herself go in!
So the waiting game begins again..............

Then on day I get the Email from Irene on  the 3rd Aug 2009 NUSTAZIA FOUND!!! Oh My God I couldn't believe my eyes, I must have read the Subject 10 times before i opened the email.
This was 10 days before her 80th birthday how crazy!
First i told mum about this and then Grandad, bless him he was in shock and it took them a while to actually get on the phone and speak, He was finally back in contact with his sister!!
So now we need to get him over there to meet his sister! That's not an easy task either!!

Till next time.........


Nustazia aged 8

Nustazia age 80


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