Thursday, July 14, 2011


So here we go part 2

So I spent many years gathering information on Grandad, the place he was from and his family.
I learnt a great tip and that was to let Grandad ramble on about his life and I would take notes.
  There's a lot of blanks that are hard to fill in ans we can always work on that!
I've spent time writing to the Ukrainian embassy to see if they could help! I never heard back from them, very frustrating when you spend hours writing a letter and then translating it in to Ukraine Grrrrrr!! I've also tried calling several times but they don't understand English and i sure don't understand Ukraine.
   Its quite soul destroying trying to get help and there's know one to help!
I took a break from all this as it was really getting hard and we lost Nanny which was really hard on all of us! Grandad took it personally and really he shouldn't, she died of cancer at 65 god bless her and life isn't fair as I'm learning pretty fast!!
Anyway back to Grandad, I moved and I would talk to Grandad every week and would go on about Nanny so I started the search once again on finding his sister, He would have something to live for. I didn't tell him what I was up to Just in case it wasn't good news!
Yay I got a computer so now i could start get information and looking at places in the Ukraine where Grandad was from and Also found a Ukrainian forum, and they wrote English AWESOME!! So Ive spent many days weeks months and a few years on this forum getting them the information to help me understand Grandads culture and Beliefs, the land and countryside!
There was one awesome lady that went above and beyond to help me piece things together asking questions about Grandad and his sister, her birthday and place she lived when they were younger! She is a  lecturer at the Lviv (Lvov) university and Genealogy is what she does!

Until next time..................

Remini POW camp where grandad spent 2years in ww2.

My Grandads father Vasyl Vasyliv.

Nanny (sybil) and Grandad (petro)

Holyn Ukraine Grandads home
Grandad going back to Wellingore camp where he spent his time when he first shipped over to England! that was  the canteen!!

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