Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So what happens when you see Peter Powers

So what happens when you go a see Peter Powers? Who I here you saying!! Well he is the number one hypnotist in the world apparently!
So I've always wondered if it was true that people could really be hypnotised and made to do daft things!! Well I volunteered!!!

And its true you can and I was!! And happy to be entertainment for my friends Lol!
feeling safe at the hands of Corona
Then this happened
trying to find the church

fed up with people giving me wrong directions
How awesome is my car??
All flushed as i sit with celebrities at the Oscars!!
I was so pleased to have won 3 Oscars that night!!


  1. Hahahahahaha....thats so funny!!!
    I wouldn't be game enough. Looks like you had a ball! x

  2. LOL it was great fun from what i remember xx


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